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Hi ALL! First official dailies of our D4 year! WOOT WOOT! A few announcements to get you through this summer session:   1. TOWNHALL MEETING — THIS  Wednesday, June 11th from 3:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.in Room G205. -I highly suggest going to this as there will be MORE CLINIC CHANGES, BIG CLINIC CHANGES -This is a meeting that many of you have asked for, please…attend -If you have concerns, please…come with your thoughts   2. DREMEL DISTRIBUTION– This Wednesday, AFTER THE TOWN HALL MEETING (6/11) -It’s going to be a pain for you to obtain these drills if you don’t attend Wednesday -It’s a handpiece that you pick up for your to hold on to: -You no longer need handpieces from prep dispense, please return any your are hoarding -The dremels attach to any burs we use -The dremels attach to any units in the 4th floor labs -These came out of the...


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Hello All,  a few good announcements to get you all through the END OF JUNIOR YEAR!! YEA YEA YEA!! 1. If you have not already filled out the EXTERNSHIP WEBSITE please DO SO NOW. If you have not filled it out, you will not receive a grade in the CLSX course. You don’t want an incomplete on your transcript do you?!?! 2. If you receive financial aid from the school, please remember to make sure to go on SURFS and ACCEPT YOUR REWARD. Just a note, but senior year is EXPENSIVE. You receive the same amount of aid, but this year please factor in the costs for: -NBDE II -NERB Endo/Prosth -Written NERB -NERB –Clinical portion -WREB (If you’re taking it) -Airplane tickets if you’re going to interviews -ETC ETC ETC –Budget accordingly!! 3. You may NOW apply for your NBDE II, for more information please revist Ryan Holtz’s email, if you lost it, email me and...


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Hello there almost seniors! A few announcements to finish up your week!   1. Tomorrow’s PROF class is MANDATORY. Please bring a PEN or PENCIL...there will be a presentation by the WRITING CENTER. 1pm-3pm. 2. If you have not already signed up for the DSURG lab sessions please do so! All sessions are full up to 5/2. There are 26 students per session. This is MANDATORY. - You will find the sign up sheet on the FIRST FLOOR outside Rm. 1218 3. Do you really want to drive to the school picnic?! Let us BE.YOUR.DD–sign up for a 48 seater bus is now available. -Prices are $12 each -May be $10 with more people -See myself, Lexi, Kalyani, Curtis, or Scott for $$ drop off! -Money MUST be collected by FRIDAY!   That’s all for now folks! Questions, comments, concerns? Let me know! Warm Regards,...


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Hello All! A few announcements to get us through the next week…But first off, I want to tell you about a convo I had with a certain professor who said to me: Prof: “I told Dr. _____, that shes really going to enjoy having your class as seniors Me: “Oh? Why is that?” Prof: “Because, you guys just have an overall great attitude. You work together and help each other and at the same time care about the work you’re doing. The seniors now are all loners, and the class below you…well, let’s just say they’re going to be very clingy.” Wow guys! WHAT an HONOR to have that reputation going into senior year. That speaks VOLUMES of how we have presented ourselves this past year. Despite the small disagreements we may have among ourselves, its important to remember the CORE of our class. CLASS PRIDE.…CIVILITY towards each...

IMPL Midterm

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Hey everyone,   Dr. Garcia finally emailed us back and we will be getting 1 point back on our midterm.  It was a question that had bad statistics so everyone will be getting the point. Have a great weekend! Ecc2015


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Hey All! Just a few announcements … very little actually….read on! 1. If you have not RSVP’d for tomorrow’s informational lunch for the diamond scholars please email me. Food will be served but I need a head count. Meeting Time: Noon Place: 8105 2. Please remember the FIRST COMPETENCY for Prac Management is due this FRIDAY 4/4. Information can be found on blackboard. 3. WHOA get ready!! OUR CLASS FORMAL is scheduled for APRIL 25th!! Spirit of Baltimore cruise, with a full dinner?! What a way to celebrate the end of junior year. More information to come. SAVE THE DATE! 4. ALL GPs! Please speak with your GP mangers, I need the names of 4 students to represent the senior class on a clinical advisory committee. The hope was that sister GPs would vote on their representative. 1 student from GP 1/2, 3/4, etc. etc…..Please talk to your GP manager, get the OK, and...


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Hi everyone!   We just met with Dr. Garcia about the IMPL exam and here is what we discussed: 1. The cement retained indications and preload questions are Dr. Rivera’s questions and will be discussed with him about getting points back. 2. All others on the document Dr. Garcia said were definitions listed in the clinical guide and will not be returned. We will let you know when we hear back from her about Dr. Rivera’s questions. ECC


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Well HELLO THERE !! I hope everyone is enjoying their day off at home. Hopefully it is warm and enjoyable. A few announcements! 1. BREAKING NEWS: This doesn’t change much for us tomorrow, but in light of the judicial issues the school is “discovering” they will no longer be using QuestionMark. -The exam format will be changed in the near future. -Faculty will be writing new questions -Exams will consist of paper copies that will be collected and scored using Scantron. Here’s your heads up…since the change will be more permanent starting tomorrow!! 2. GPs 1 and 2, and the rest of the class, please review Dr. Morgans email as we take our OPERATIVE COMPETENCY Wed. 3/5 starting in the evening. If you have trouble viewing her secured email, let me know. 3. Wed. 3/5 @ 8am beings our PRAC532 course. This is the course that the externships run through. IF YOU HAVE...


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WOW! Long time no email?! Sure you guys haven’t missed it…:) But a few announcements and FAQs to carry us into the next few weeks… 1. Tomorrow  begins our TXP SEMINAR SESSIONS in Rm. G314. These are MANDATORY ATTENDANCE. Plan on being there from 1:00pm-2:50pm. For those of you who have presentations tomorrow, GOOD LUCK! 2. We are LOOKING for a NEW USGA representative for the class. If you would like to nominate yourself, please EMAIL me by THURSDAY 2/20 @ noon. 3. EXTERNSHIPS: There will be no meeting regarding internships, UNTIL MARCH. If you have extenuating circumstances (i.e. OMFS) contact myself or if you already know the director, email them directly. -You are NOT behind if you have not started thinking about externships -They are CHANGING how to register, DO NOT listen to seniors -You cannot do an externship unless you have passed your OSCE’s so…no...

DSUR 538 in process

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Hello all, Dr. Brahim is still waiting for correspondence with the lecturers regarding the 3rd DSUR exam.  There is a possibility no changes will be made, so for the time being, please assume your grade will stay the same from when you pressed “Submit” on the last exam. Thank you, ECC